About Us

AL-Karnk company

ا started in 2012 in the Egyptian ports with a specialized work team and an administrative team with previous experience extending from 3 to 7 years and the beginning was in the field of land shipping and then air and then commercial records of factories and commercial companies, then our company was restructured and the official papers of the company were issued in 2019 With Name Of Al- Karnk Company For Export, Import And Logistic Services, Based on our previous experience in the field for more than 7 years, during which partnership and agency relations were established in all global ports with major insurance, inspection, and inspection companies, storage yards and warehouses to ensure safe and secure arrival of goods. The lowest cost And AL-Karnk Company for Export, Import and International Shipping owns all the ingredients that made it one of the pioneers of shipping companies in Egypt And Customs clearance.
Al-Karnk company for import, export and customs clearance, its activity is in land freight, sea freight, air freight, customs clearance, import and export at the lowest prices and the highest possible efficiency and speed in performance and implementation